Market Intelligence & Risk Management


RPAC utilizes its web-based management platforms and relationships to aggregate and capitalize on the latest market intelligence. Our decision making process and market intelligence gathering services leverage numerous real-time data feeds covering everything from zonal pricing to energy production and consumption numbers. We also subscribe to and monitor multiple weather services. Furthermore, we work hard to stay up to date on the latest regulatory and policy changes. Using all of this information, RPAC develops informed energy procurement and hedging strategies, and identifies buying windows to lower energy spend and mitigate price volatility.

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RPAC Market Reports and Real-Time Spot Market (LBMP) Prices

As a client, you have access to the following RPAC data and reports, which will keep you updated as to the latest market movements on a daily, weekly and monthly basis:

  • RPAC Energy Flash Friday Report
  • RPAC Monthly Report and The RPAC View
  • Historical Location Based Marginal Pricing (LBMP) data accessible in ENTROPE
  • Regional Day Ahead Price Trends

Market Updates and Monitoring Services

RPAC is a devout believer in the value that timely and discerning market knowledge and intelligence can have in delivering the right energy procurement strategy and tactics. After all, knowledge is power, and access to accurate and cutting-edge market knowledge will empower you to mitigate risk and manage your energy spend.

RPAC is constantly monitoring the energy markets, and will inform you of opportune buying times and industry disrupting events. RPAC also includes a market intelligence update in every client presentation, and tailors the content to the applicable region and market influencers. 

Futures Market & Hedging Strategies & Recommendations


RPAC is constantly monitoring the futures market in search of “historical buys” and risk mitigation purchases. RPAC has setup over 500 hundred custom Bloomberg charts to track the movement of energy and natural gas futures. We monitor everything from natural gas NYMEX Henry Hub prompt month contracts, to winter and summer trading strips in each ISO and zone.

When RPAC finds an opportune hedge, we will develop a comprehensive purchase recommendation and review the findings with the client.