Energy Procurement & Product Selection


In the energy business, there is a right and wrong product for each client, just as there is a right and wrong time to procure that product. RPAC will guide you through this process to deliver a product that is tailored to your needs, at the best price that the market has to offer.

Please read below to learn more about the products, tools and processes that RPAC employs to procure electricity and natural gas for its clients:

Product Options & Evaluation Criteria

Fixed Rate Products

Index Products

Block & Index Products (or “Managed Products”)

RPAC Buying Pools

  • For certain markets, RPAC has established “Buying Pools” to allow smaller entities to buy like the “big fish” and better manage their budgets and risk appetite.
    • Buying Pools are specific to a certain load zone, such as in New York City’s Zone J (ConEd)
    • Entities sign their own contract with No sharing of risk or subsidization of other customers
    • RPAC continuously monitors the energy futures market and purchases blocks (hedges) to cover the portfolio during periods of peak volatility, effectively mitigating commodity risk

Unique Procurement Processes & Technologies


Reverse Auction Platform
RPAC has internally developed a world class reverse auction platform to attain the lowest possible prices from suppliers. The Reverse auction platform commits buyers and sellers to the lowest offered bid. This is an optional tool available to RPAC clients.

Fixed Rate Engine
RPAC uses this proprietary tool to develop an accurate estimate of the current market for both fixed and adder products. The fixed rate engine incorporates extensive market data inputs, while building in the load characteristics of client’s facilities. Results are within $0.001/kWh of market, which aids in market timing and limiting the need for multiple pricing refreshes from suppliers.

Sustainability & Renewable Energy Services


REC Purchases

Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency Advisory Services

RPAC has worked with some the world’s leading corporations in helping them to achieve their sustainability and energy efficiency goals. RPAC has extensive experience in sourcing renewable energy and reducing on-site energy consumption. RPAC’s sustainability services include: 

  • Onsite renewable investments
  • Remote Net Metering projects
  • Virtual off-take or Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)
  • Demand Response consultation
  • Lighting retrofits
  • HVAC consultation